Toptal vs Upwork: finding the best app developer

Finding your first job on Upwork is hard, especially when you are a beginner and has no job experience. Clients will tend to overlook your profile and get to the next one right away. But don’t be discouraged because there are lots of business that considers newbies. The interesting fact is this company does not have any headquarter. Upwork is efficient in job posting and has various payment methods which make the employer’s work easier.

Can I join Toptal with 1 year experience?

Successful Toptal freelancers typically have at least 2-3 years of experience, excellent communication skills, and are able to get up to speed on projects quickly.

Escrow is the payment method used to secure freelancer invoices. UpStack definitely has the edge when it comes to developers because that is their bread and butter. But that’s not to say that you can’t find a good quality developer on Upwork and UpStack, it might just take a little more research and time to get in front of the best possible person. In the other states, the program is sponsored by Community Federal Savings Bank, to which we’re a service provider. Toptal has a host of features that make the process of finding work or hiring talent a breeze.³ ⁴ So, what are some of the key features that set it apart? What if the freelancer flakes out and vanishes off the face of the planet after just one week of working with them?

Hire a Robot to Edit Your Videos

Lastly, applicants have to complete test projects in which they’re given scenarios from the real world to prove their competence. Secondly, Toptal tests your skills, intellect, and problem-solving capabilities. Anyone who wants to work as a freelancer on the website must read, speak, and write English well.

Another freelancing platform that is not only popular but the largest in the online industry is Upwork. It is a great place for freelancers to hunt for jobs that suits their skills and interests. A wide variety of jobs from Writing, Admin Support, Design, Marketing, and more. On the other hand, clients have a wider range of searching for the right people to join your team. Since Toptal’s internal team performs the hiring process, it can take up to three weeks to find the right remote developers for your project.

Key Differences Between Upwork and Toptal

Also, Toptal’s stringent screening process can sometimes filter out a good candidate, making the pool even smaller for your specific requirements. Since Toptal is a hub of finance experts, designers, and developers, the vetting process revolves around these niches. Toptal is a freelancing website founded by Breanden Benschott and Taso Du Val in 2010. Initially, the platform only catered to corporate clients, mainly providing software engineers to them.

They will help to create great custom or motion graphics and make your projects even better. Furthermore, Freelancer is a community that provides state-of-the-art security for all transactions in your funds. You can also request for Milestone Payment directly from your clients to keep your payment safe. And since your safety is their priority, they assigned representatives that are available 24/7 to help you out with any problems.

Dedicated Digital Teams

Furthermore, Toptal offers a personality test for freelancers, enabling clients to assess not only technical competence but also a cultural fit for their projects. On the other hand, Upwork provides quick access to a vast number of freelancers with varying skill sets. It offers features like bidding to get the lowest price possible and a ten-day complaint period for problem resolution. However, its large freelancer pool can also mean encountering underqualified or low-quality freelancers, and their customer support may not be as effective.

Do people still use Upwork?

People all around the world use Upwork to find work as independent professionals, earning extra income and building freelance careers that fit their lifestyles. As an independent professional, you set your own rates and you choose which clients to say yes to and what projects to work on.

Upwork charges 20% of your earnings, but it will lower down up to 5% if you reach a certain amount earned, so factor that in when setting your wage expectations. Companies can communicate with the freelancer through Upwork’s messaging system and use the platform’s tools for time tracking, invoicing, and payment processing. Upwork charges a fee for each transaction made on the platform, which varies depending on the size and type of the project. To ensure the highest quality of talent, Toptal has developed a meticulous screening process that evaluates candidates’ technical abilities, language acumen, and communication skills. Moreover, searching for potential candidates, vetting each individual from the applicant pool, and interviewing them requires a lot of resources that may not always yield successful results.


We conducted our own research, using cases and user feedback, and we are ready to share our knowledge with you. You will learn about Toptal vs Upwork as well as alternative options, like hiring an agency or software development vendor. This article will go over Toptal vs Upwork and compare them in multiple ways and dimensions. Toptal, on the other hand, is designed for larger and mid-sized companies looking to pay for the best freelance talent around. It has a highly skilled labor pool and offers assistance and guidance from start to finish to ensure that you’re happy with the quality of the work and the finished product.

With new freelancing platforms emerging, it can be a bit of a task to choose the best place to kickstart your freelancing career or find remote workers for your gig. If you have a complicated project that requires flexibility and creative thinking, you will likely need an experienced and skillful developer or a team to execute the idea. Upwork is full of beginners, so you have to spend more time looking for the right fit. With lower prices, Upwork gives different startups an opportunity to find a freelancer, regardless of their budget. Even if you limit the expenses of your company, you can still find developers to work on your tasks. Similar to Toptal, joining Upwork for freelancers are free of charge.

Is Toptal or Upwork better for freelancers?

At the time of placing an order, you’ll have to pay the gig price. However, the payment will be released once you approve the project. Similarly, on Upwork, freelancers can charge 21 Cloffice Ideas How to Turn a Closet into an Office anywhere between $5 a project to $1,000 per hour based on the scope of a project. You can judge the suitability of candidates based on their profile, clients feedback, and ratings.

toptal vs upwork

Both remote employees and clients can leave each other reviews as well as responses to said reviews. This offers transparency and can help future clients determine whether the talent they are considering has a proven record of successful projects. So, you have the right to review both hourly and milestone work before payment is submitted. Upwork also manages and resolves disputes in cases when developers and clients cannot reach an agreement. As a result, you can set your desired hourly rates in your job descriptions and select candidates accordingly.

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