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Overall it is not a bad site, you can really sell on it that is if you put a lot of money upfront in advertisement. If you have questions or trouble with an existing order, you can contact the seller directly from your order summary. Log into your Bonanza account and hover your mouse over the ‘Account’ tab at the top left of the site, then click ‘Recent Purchases’ from the dropdown menu. Scroll down to your order summary and click the link at the bottom labeled ‘Contact Seller’. Gain trust and grow your business with customer reviews.

  • As a buyer, always check the shipping costs and timeline for getting the purchase.
  • It takes a little while to get out there on search engines but I am starting to get attention.
  • There is also the possibility of advertising directly through the platform on Bonanza and eBay, reaching even those who have not landed directly on the marketplace.

You can create a booth and sell dozens of items from the comfort of your own home. It’s really simple to use and there are no hidden steps or fees, and there are a great selection of guides on the site to get you started. The only thing holding Bonanza back is its small audience when compared to eBay, the big fish in this pond. I only wished that they could let us sellers remove PayPal as payment option after we have activated Stripe. Stripe is way better and they also has lower fees. PayPal is just expensive and overall boring with 0 customer service.

How To Choose The Best Channels For Your Ecommerce Business?: site right there

Bonanza is not worth the time, money or effort. I have had mixed success with Bonanza advertising and interaction with customer support. It doesn’t site right there seem to be any connection between sales and what level of advertising you pay for. Customer Service has been excellent on some topics and in other cases, after 2 years, several issues I raised have still not been resolved. However, overall I will continue to use Bonanza rather than other platforms since they still offer me more bang for my buck.

Super Service At Bonanza

The goal is to help ecommerce entrepreneurs build a profitable business, without any of the busy work. Therefore, keep reading to learn about why Bonanza may be a better solution for you. Suggested companies are based on people’s browsing tendencies. I hope this seller was able to collect her tokens. Does not seem to be very much traffic on Bonanza even with the 9percent selection. Sometime they answer a question correctly but mostly I have to figure it out myself and then get a email from Bonanza saying they are glad my problem is solved.

site right there

Therefore, as a seller, strive to stand out from the competition and use relevant keywords in your product description to make it easier to find. Every time you successfully blow up another section of the mine, the multiplier will increase; it starts off at x1, but as it has no limitations it can grow to a monstrous size. We grant you that the theme doesn’t fit, that it’s disconnected from the title, but luckily the theme matches the gameplay, and as a result a sort of continuum is formed along the way.

Reviewers complaining about Bonanza most frequently mention customer service, credit card, and phone number problems. Bonanza ranks 695th among Marketplace sites. The customer service Bonanza provides to sellers is outstanding. We encountered a problem, on a Saturday, with a customer’s order and messaged Bonanza staff. Suggest that Bonanza vet their sellers better and step up to protect their clients. Don’t they want clients to return or recommend?

Feel free to follow us on Twitter, comment, question, contact us at and ENJOY. If you ever get tired of ever repeating Virtual games, you can browse through a massive collection of different themed slots in betBonanza Casino. You will find movie-inspired video slots, online slots dedicated to famous musicians and bands, and football themed slots – there’s something for everyone. BetBonanza treats its players with new slots every month, not forgetting also about special campaigns such as extra spins and reload bonuses, available both on mobile and online.

Sellers Beware They Are Scums

The complaint was closed as unresolved because the casino, unfortunately, did not provide us with the requested information and details for a long time. Later, the casino contacted us with all the necessary details and information, so the complaint was reopened and updated/rejected. The complainant breached the casino’s Terms and Conditions – multiple accounts and bonus abuse. The casino refunded her deposit, so it acted in accordance with its rules, and we accept its decision. As a seller, you won’t have to pay for any listing, monthly or hidden fees. Bonanza allows the sellers to make sales and also develop relationships with customers – relationship marketing.

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